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Starting the trip in Hanoi, the city is a small, noisy, lively city with a beautiful, french inspired architecture. Especially the french quarter is a recommend for a visit. Motorbikes are the most common vehicles in town and the traffic is wild and noisy.

It is exciting to stop at the crossing and watch the unordered flow, only communicating by loud and constant tooting.

Beach on the Monkey Island in the Hạ Long Bay.
Stone cliffs in the Hạ Long Bay.
Jungle forest in the National Park on the norteastern island Cát Bà.

jungle and the breathtaking sight from the top of the hill is very recommendable. Also is the journey through lonely streets and origin villages while exploring the island.
The next day, a boat trip took us all around the Hạ Long Bay, which is UNESCO world heritage site since 1994.

Unbelievable stone rock formations, lovely lagoons with ape colonies, floating villages in the nowhere and swimming with non-toxic jellyfish make this boat trip unforgettable.

Rough coast on the street between Huế and Hội An.
beach Cát Bà island vietnam

Huế to Hội An

Heading south, I took a stop in Huế, on the middle-eastern coast of Vietnam. Many bike rentals offer you a motorbike combined with a luggage transfer to Hội An until 6pm on the same day.
The motorbike trip from Huế to Hội An takes around 4 hours (130km) and leades you along the beautiful

Jungle forest National Park Cát Bà
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Food and Lifestyle

Vietnam is the mekka of fresh and tasty food. The scope goes from fresh soups like the famous Pho Bo, which is a classy breakfast in Vietnam, over the Banh Mi, a sandwich with fresh herbs, up to Bun Cha, which became famous in 2016 when Barack Obama visited Hanoi and had a Bun Cha in a small food shack.

street food vietnam

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